Saturday, November 23, 2013


While roaming through the Home Depot this week, I came across a lil' 2-foot aluminum Christmas tree for only $9.98!  I knew immediately it would be adorable sitting on the table by the window of my canned ham, the 1954 Aljoa Sportsman.

Tiny Retro Aluminum Tree

I found a few loose Christmas items to surround the tree. The little vintage TV is one I found last year, but didn't get it packed away.  The musical/moving carousel was a bargain find recently at Goodwill.  Santa in his airplane sings "Let's Fly Away" as the propeller turns and flashes several Christmas messages.  The red and white blocks are reminding me to get it in gear, as there are only 31 more days of Christmas joy!

Next mission, should I decide to accept (and I will!), is to find itty bitty retro Christmas ornaments for the little aluminum tree!

Merry Christmas to all 
the Happy Campers!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Spruce 'er Up! The Little Camper-That-Could

This is my little camper that could.  Allie Jo is 60 years old according to the build certificate in the closet which confirms she rolled off the line as a '54 model in December 1953.

Allie Jo, the 1954 Aljoa Sportsman
Photo Credit:  Patricia Montgomery
She has been hibernating in our barn this past year because the realities of "life" got in the way of my planned "Let's Spruce Her Up Make-Over".  

I've been buying 1950s decor items along the way to give her just the right mid-century look, but everything else was put on hold.  

Retro 1950s Canister Set
Photo Credit:  Patricia Montgomery
The exciting news, at least for me, is that the camper cushions are at the upholstery shop!  They called yesterday to discuss a change, but they are working on them and should be ready soon!  

When we peeled back the material on the cushions, we discovered that some of the original material was still intact.  It appears to be a 1950s "atomic" design on barkcloth.

Original worn cushion material
Photo Credit:  Patricia Montgomery
Since this type of vintage material is hard to find and expensive when you do come across it, I decided to go with a bright, happy color instead.  Can't wait to show the cushions off when they are done!

First step:  Check!