Tuesday, April 1, 2014

FREE Facebook Covers

FREE Facebook covers, compliments of 
Bucks Mountain Galleries

Easy-Peasy Download Instructions:
#1 |IMPORTANT!  Click on image to enlarge
(If you don't enlarge, image will be too small to fit your FB Page)
#2 | RIGHT-click on enlarged image
#3 |Choose "Save Image As"
#4 |Save to your computer
#5 | Remember where you saved it!!
# 6 | Upload from your computer to your FB Page.

These Facebook Covers are free for your personal use only. They may not be changed, revised, or re-distributed in any form.  However, you may share the link your friends.  

Please leave a comment below and let me know which 
one(s) you downloaded or which was your favorite.  Enjoy!

Springtime Chicks Out for a Drive
The Buggy Bunny
Graphics based on my own '54 Aljoa camper
Jesus Lives!
Easter Tree