I am growing younger every day!  Seriously, I think I am having more fun now than I did when I was a little girl.  Could it be that I am reverting back to my childhood upon discovering the sisterhood of girl camping?

I am a Georgia peach whose suthin’ drawl is peppered with enough sweeties, sugah-pies, and honey-buns to fill a bakery.  Add in some sprinkles of bless-yore-hearts and I do declares and you’ve got the toppings!

I am still madly in love with my hubba-hubba hubby, even after all these years.  My sweet daughter and son-in-love presented me with two of the purtiest, sweetest, smartest grandchildren ever born – Ella Boo-Boo-Bear and Shepherd Boo-Bear.  I picked out their middle names.

I retired eight years ago and became my hubby’s almost-but-not-quite-full-time farm helper.  In spring/summer I am tractor driver, hay raker, hay hauler, and barn hay stacker.  My other farm job is part-time chief jar washer and honey bottler.  However during the time that the hubby robs those hives and steals that honey, I am instantly transformed into a helpless southern belle who gets the vapors.  Any southern gal with a decent upbringing keeps a lace hanky nearby to fan her face.  

I have a part-time personal photography biz and am also a part-time staff photographer and writer for a regional magazine, NW GA Living.  You may have noticed that I am part-time everything.  That’s because I am retired and don’t want to get RE-tired from working full time again.  Life is too short to be exhausted!

I am a "Jackie" of all trades and a master of few.  Over the years I have learned to do all sorts of fun things like kudzu and straw basket making, tole painting, hand colorizing photos, sewing, cross-stitch, knitting, crochet, quilting, and machine and hand embroidery.  Disclaimer: I never said I remember how to do ALL those things.  Some things "take" and others don't.  But I'm not afraid to try!

Patticasso Masterpiece
I took a class in beginner woodworking and built an armoire.  I also took a class at a camper rally and painted my own camper!  I’m not an artist so this was quite the feat.  I have probably taken more classes than I even remember.

I can drive a tractor, run a backhoe or a bulldozer, use a chainsaw, and shoot a 
rifle (took the tail off a lizard once, on purpose).  I can back my car a mile or more down our dirt driveway, can back my tractor, and the hubby’s big ole truck, but I can’t back up a camper trailer.  Dadgummit!

My first camper love is "Allie Jo".
She is a 13' 1954 Aljoa Sportsman.

My other camper love is “Pattycakes, the Click-in' Chick”.
She is named for the little girl in me that often shows her 
silliness (aka craziness).  

My latest acquisition is my honking-big vintage 1971
Dodge TNV motorhome that I can drive AND back up! 
She still needs a decor theme and an 
approprite name. 
I love my online glamping groups but am usually a ‘lurker”, satisfied to enjoy the chatter and to learn all I can.  That’s because I am shy.  And bashful.  Unless you deign to draw me out of my shell and then...well… no telling what I might say or do.  Because the “Pattycakes” in me is just a girl that wants to have fun!!


  1. Love your blog! I'd like to see more photos and posts. I know it's hard to believe but, in many ways, we're kindred spirits. I can operate a back hoe, tractor, and back a 57' trailer into the dock but I'm a nervous wreck when it comes to pulling a 32' fifth wheel travel trailer or backing a motor home (I've owned both). The way we're different is I can't crochet, knit or embroider. I'm afraid of the sewing machine because thread keeps breaking and I have nightmares about thread breaking but I'm going to force myself to sew curtains for my tiny little truck camper. I've built a pergola and a back porch but arthritis is limiting me (trucking really messed up my back). In spite of everything, I'm 63 years young and loving retirement. I'm not from the south but I lived in Texas for 11 years and I learned to love the south. I wish I could say I was shy. I have the opposite problem. Sometimes I want to yell, "Somebody stop me. I'm talking and I can't shut up." Oops, Somebody stop me. I'm typing and I can't stop!

    1. Hi Missylinda51, so happy to have you stop by my blog for a visit. Please drop in again anytime! Patricia