Color me a Pin-Crazy-Gal!  Love me some Pinterest!!  I have over 200 boards and 10,000+ followers on my personal Pinterest page.  I have pinned thousands of things over the last few years.  Even at that, I will remember a certain pin and waste entirely too much time trying to find it because I don't know the right search word or I miss seeing it and scroll right past.

So I decided to start an old fashioned list (gasp!) of my favorite ones.  Then I had my usual Slap-Your-Forehead-DUH Moment.  Why not set up a page on my blog and share with everyone!  

I'll be adding to the link list so bookmark my blog and feel free to grab an idea!  

Activity Boredom Busters

1. Activity Bags for the Kiddos

2. Tree Mail!  Adults or Kids

3. Tree Mail Two - Rally Idea Caught Being Kind

Business on Camper Wheels

1. Tucson's Newest Boutique on Wheels

Back it Up!  Tips on Backing Your Camper

1. How to back up with your camper


1. Free Curtain Patterns @ CraftStew

2. Vintage Button Curtains from Tea Towels 

3. Cute Retro Curtains with Gingham Bows

Floor Rugs

1. How to Make a Rag Rug Tutorial - So Easy!

Forums for Vintage Campers

1. Vintage Trailer Talk

Odor Busters

1. OdoBan Odor Eliminator

Potty | Loo | The Throne

1. Sawdust Toilet versus Composting Toilet

Table Makeover

1. Retro fabric decoupage table top

2. Easy table makeover using wipeable laminate fabric

Save Money!

1. Ten Ways to Save Money on Camping

Vin Number | Where is it?!

1. How to find your vin number | Tin Can Tourists

Tips 'n Hacks

1. Excellent Common-sense Camping Tips 

2. Salty tip to keep cooler water colder

3. Don't forget to take these 8 things when you go camping

4. Laundry detergent bottle with Spigot for hand washing

5. Awesome tips from the olden days that would still work today!  Great Tips!

6. Plastic Front on Your Fridge?  Make it magnetic to hold all your cool travel magnets!

Window Aluminum - Cleaning Tip

1. How to clean the aluminum around camper windows

Per Nancy A. Kroes with the National Serro Scotty Association
Start with SOS/Brillo pads. Sometimes that is enough. If not, the next step is a wadding style metal polish. Comes in a can and can be ordered through NAPA. It's like cotton with stuff on it. Tear off a small dab and polish. Wipe off black with soft paper towels.  There is also a wadding compound that can be found at Walmart.  

Exterior Black Streaks on Aluminum - Cleaning Tip

Per Nancy A. Kroes with the National Serro Scotty Association
For grunge, dirt, and oxidation, use a low-grit cleanser such as Bon Ami, Dutch Cleanser, or Bar Keeps Friend.  Fill a bucket with warm water and use one of those small net-covered sponges.  The best are the ones with one side netting and the other side terry cloth.  Wet the sponge, wring it out, still very wet but not dripping.  Sprinkle a bit of cleanser on and scrub in a circular motion, about a 2x2 area.  Rinse sponge and use the terry side to wipe the spot you just cleaned.  Dry/polish with paper towels.  Start at the top and work down.  Follow p with some RV polish or car polish.  Don't skip the last step - it's important

Per Lou Perez, admin at Lou's Glamping for Beginners (Facebook group)| They make a wash solution specifically for RV's that remove the black streaks, available at your nearest RV parts store or online.  It works great and does not harm the paint.  Products:  Best Black Streak Remover or Bio-Kleen Black Streak Remover

Window Replacement

1.  Once the window is removed, clean away all of the old butyl tape or silicone.  Klean Strip (paint stripper), which can be bought at Walmart will help remove it.  Spray it on and let it sit for 10-15 minutes and then use a plastic scraper (so you don't scratch the aluminum) to remove the yucky gummy stuff.  [Credit:  Glampers Gwen Pool & Teri Jacobs]

Where to buy?  Walmart:  Klean Strip Strip-X Stripper

2.  Use butyl tape to seal in the new window.  Tip:  Store it flat and 24 hrs before using it, place in the fridge to make it easier to use.  [Credit:  Glampers Gwen Pool & Teri Jacobs]
Where to buy?  Amazon: 
Butyl Seal Tape 

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