Monday, February 1, 2016

Guinevere’s Story

One day Guinevere the Goose waddled into a vintage camper rally and immediately noticed some gorgeous pink glampers.  It seemed their only job was to stand on one long, skinny leg and look beautiful.  She knew that one day she wanted to achieve that polished, pink look.  

Back in the water, however, Guinevere noticed her reflection and worried about the bump on her head and her short, short legs.  She was so desperate that she even briefly considered a Plasti-Duck surgeon. 

Then she met Gypsy, a free-spirited Romny goose, who also happened to be a glamper. She said that dressing up is not a requirement although some glampers do have their own unique style.  Glampers just want to have fun outdoors with their friends and are not there to judge anyone else.

Afterwards Guinevere realized she didn’t have to be perfect.  Long, skinny legs and a bump-less head were not required to join in the glamping fun!  Her worries began to roll off her back like water.

However, Guinevere did so love pink and for her first rally she wanted to achieve that classy look.  Gypsy suggested that she watch some “Duck-Tube” videos on beak makeup and temporary feather coloring.  Guinevere put on her best “Flam-tastic” look by coloring her feathers in "Flam-pink" and applied some beak camouflage using the popular CoverDuck makeup palette.

At the rally none of other glampers seemed notice the head bump or the fact that she couldn’t stand on one leg all day.  Resting on the ground was perfectly acceptable, too.  It was great to know that she could choose her own unique pink "flam" look or just choose to come as you are.

Guinevere realized that rally glampers are wonderful creatures and accepting of all birds of a feather!

MORAL OF THE STORY:  If you want to be a glamper, don't hesitate to join in at a rally!  You can have your own unique style.  Or NOT.  We will accept you for who you are!

NOTE:  Please feel free to share the link to this page with any of your friends, but please do not copy and paste the actual story or photograph, which belongs to me.  Thanks!  ~Tin Can Happy Girl

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