Thursday, May 28, 2015

Zazzle Be-Dazzle Camper Stuff in my Store!

My Tin Can Happy Design on personalized products!My Zazzle store

SALE!  Thru June 23rd
15% Off All Orders
40% off Certain Summer Products
Go to: Bucks Mountain Zazzle Store
Then click on Vintage Camper (left column)

Most of my products also have a "Customize" button so that you can add text of your own.  The image shows only a few of the accessories that can be personalized.

You could add your camper name, your own name, or anything personal.  Many of my items have ample room to add your text.  

If you would like your personal text to look similar to what I used on the items above:

Font:  Change to Hank
Color:  Click Advanced, and change the Hex# 006f8a.

Go to:  My Zazzle Store

* * * * *

This is How Tin Can Happy Girls Roll!

~ *   *   * ~
Camper girls are the happiest girls!

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