Wednesday, June 3, 2015


ONCE UPON A TIME there was
a land of wee gnomes 

that lived in Fairyland.  

Fairyland is very near my home somewhere among the flowers.  These gnomes are mostly good neighbors but they can be, shall we say, a wee bit mischievous!  I have a healthy respect for these sometimes crabby little neighbors of ours and try to keep them happy by leaving tiny swings and bicycles and tables with chairs out for their enjoyment.

So when I recently parked my newest vintage camper near the house, I immediately could tell that the little guys were not happy but I could not figure out why!  Things were being moved around inside the camper and even lying on the floor.  Outside more things were awry with gloves gone missing, pots turned over, flower petals on the ground.  It seemed to get worse with every new day.

Then while recently shopping online I saw something that gave me an idea.  So I ordered a couple of things and when they arrived I started on a new project.  When my project was done, life was happy again in Fairyland!  Those cantankerous little gnomes now have their very own campground and I am pleased to say that things are calmer up here on Bucks Mountain.

The Fairyland Gnomes were just jealous of my new camper!!  Who knew gnomes were into glamping, too???


As for the rest of the things in the Fairyland Campground, I am guilty as charged.  I waited until after dark one night and stole things here and there from Fairyland to put in the new campground.  Those little guys are so happy to camp/glamp along with me that I don't think they noticed!

* * * * *

This is How Tin Can Happy Girls Roll!

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